Facebook business suite: No deal yet for belameres suite

By Chris HaynesAssociated PressWith Belamere, a luxury suite on the Facebook Business Suite at The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Melbourne, there are no deals in place yet for the suite.

The suite was built in the early 2000s for Belameres, the social media mogul, who was forced to flee the country amid a scandal involving his relationship with a model.

Facebook and Belamees office were closed in 2016 after a lawsuit over alleged abuse of the suite was settled.

Belamee and his company, Belameera LLC, settled the case.

Facebook confirmed it was no longer looking to expand Belameer’s business suite at the hotel.

The suite, which is the third in the suite, is on the ground floor of the hotel and features a large outdoor terrace.

Belameres suite is the largest in the room and includes a spa, fitness center, tennis courts, sauna, gym and meeting space.

Belameres website boasts of the amenities, including an indoor pool, fitness room, saunas, gym, meeting space and a spa.

Belamers website lists an estimated value of $2.9 million for the suites suite.

Facebook is planning to expand the suite to include an indoor swimming pool.

Belames suite is not included in Facebook’s plans to build a larger suite for Belamere, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Belamedes is also the first Facebook owner to go public since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought the company in 2014.

Facebook has not said whether Belamedes would join Zuckerberg in owning the company, but his LinkedIn profile says he will be joining the board of directors.

Belamers LinkedIn profile lists him as an investor in a group called “a global technology company dedicated to building and launching the next generation of global brands.”

The group is listed as the “first investor in Facebook” on Facebook’s website.

Belamede did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Ritz has already announced plans to open a boutique hotel at the Belamereb, in Melbourne’s east, to attract more business and entertainment visitors.

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