Suitmaker offers ‘heckler’s knee’ as price-cutting tool for high-end suits

Hecs and Suitcase have teamed up to offer the world’s most affordable suit for those seeking a suit to go with their casual attire.

The $160-a-piece suits are made from a lightweight synthetic material and come in three designs: the standard suit, a jacket-style suit with a hood and tie, and a fitted suit. 

“The basic suit is not designed to look good in public, but it is very comfortable to wear,” said Hecs CEO Peter Ralston.

“The tailored suit is more formal and features a hood that adds elegance and style.” 

Suitcase says it is targeting the “young, hip, and fashionable” in a “high-fashion industry” and is offering the suits at a discount to “those looking for a suit with the option to go more casual.” 

For the high-street fashion market, the low-cost suits are ideal for men and women who want to look casual and dressed in a stylish style that doesn’t detract from their overall look.

They are priced between $180 and $260. 

The suits are available at a variety of retailers including Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, and Gap.

 “Our suits are designed for the everyday man, woman, and child,” Ralton said.

“For a man in his 40s, a man of 45, and an adult male in their 60s, we can offer the suit for $180, but the suits can be worn as a dress.”

Hecs says its “one of the most affordable, elegant, and versatile suits in the world,” adding that its suits will appeal to all types of people.

“For those who want a suit that will complement their lifestyle and are looking for something that fits well in their wardrobe, we believe that Hecs suits are the perfect choice,” Raltons statement reads. 

For more on fashion and the future of the fashion industry, read Fortune’s  The Next Big Thing on Fashion and Technology, the hottest fashion trends in fashion, and other stories about the fashion sector. 

Hecs is not the first high-profile suitmaker to bring its suit prices down. 

In December, Hecs introduced a $140-a/piece jacket that it claims is a more affordable alternative to its standard suits, and the company plans to offer similar suits for men in the near future. 

Earlier this month, luxury brands Adidas and Gucci announced they were reducing their prices on jackets, and last month, Levi Strauss Group announced it was dropping prices on men’s suits. 

But Hecs, which has been offering cheap suits for several years, is not alone. 

Several major retailers, including TJ Maxx, Macy’s, H&M, Forever 21, and Walmart, have cut their prices in recent months.

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