Which is better: a suit jacket or linen trousers?

In the modern world, suits are the norm and trousers are considered a fashion statement.

So what are the best suits and trousers for men and women?

To find out, we looked at the top ten suits and pants from each brand.


Louis Vuitton $2,900 Louis Vuitons jacket and trousers cost a cool $2.8 million, but their price tag also included a $300 discount on the standard suit jacket.

The jacket is made from lightweight linen, while the trousers are made of a combination of leather and nylon, with an additional stretch.

It’s a good deal, as it’s not available in the UK. 2.

Gucci $2-3,000 The best-selling Gucci suit is the new $3,200 model, which is made of soft leather and cotton fabric.

This style is more expensive than the $2K Gucci jacket, but is still a very comfortable jacket.

Its made from a combination polyester and leather.


Ralph Lauren $3-4,000 Ralph Lauren’s $4,500 suit is a bit more expensive, but the Ralph Lauren jacket has a stretchy nylon lining and a double-breasted look, while its trousers are leather and lined with cotton.

Ralph’s suit is made entirely of nylon, but they also make a $2 pair of trousers.


Calvin Klein $4-6,000 Calvin Klein’s $6,500 jacket is lightweight and has a slim fit and a comfortable waistband.

The pants are also lightweight and are lined with leather.


Alexander McQueen $6-7,000 Alexander Mcqueens suit is lighter than its $6K brother, but still a nice suit.

The waistband is stretchy and there’s a pocket in the chest, and it has a double breasted look.


Calvin Keith $7,500 Calvin Keith’s $7K jacket is a little more expensive and features a stretchier nylon lining.


Guernica $7-9,000 Guernicas suit is very light, but has a high waist and a pleat in the hem.


Calvin Harris $9,500 Guernican’s $9K suit has a super stretchy cotton lining, and its pants are made from an extra stretch of cotton.


H&M $9-10,000 H&Ms $9 is a great choice for guys who want a more casual look, and the $10K is a good price for women who are looking for something a bit different.


Michael Kors $10,200 Michael Korns jacket is the most expensive of the three, and costs $5,500.

The trousers are also light, while they are lined in a leather and wool blend.

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