How the ‘Wedding Suite’ from Sky Suite x has evolved

Ars Technic’s Jason Snell has a roundup of the new suits and other gear in the ‘Sky Suite’ range.

Sky Suite’s latest update, the XS-100X, is the first to have a removable zipper and a more flexible back.

It’s also available in black and grey and it comes in a range of sizes.

The suit has a number of additions to the original Sky Suite range, too, including a mesh skirt, a “shoulder-to-shoulder” front and side, and a “seamless” back.

Sky Suits also include a full-size, fully adjustable head, a head-to, shoulder-to and side adjustable neck, a shoulder-adjustable back, a waist-adjustability chest, and more.

Sky suites offer a wide variety of different suits and accessories, ranging from “basic” suits for office workers, to more sophisticated suits for the entertainment industry.

The latest Sky Suite XS100X suits are available now, priced from $1,599.99 and $2,699.99, respectively.

The full Sky Suite line includes a range from $3,699, which includes the X-S100 suit, to the XM-X suit, with additional suits for $1.99 each.

The Sky Suite suits are made from 100% cotton, with a polyester lining, a synthetic-sew-like construction, and are fully lined with a nylon mesh fabric.

SkySuits is an international brand that’s best known for its suits made by GQ and the Wall Street Journal.

For more on the latest suits and tech news, be sure to check out Ars Technicas latest tech coverage.

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