NASA: Suit’s new design will be a big step up for astronauts

NASA astronauts will wear suits to be on board the International Space Station (ISS) in 2018.

NASA said Monday that the new suits, which it calls the Pinstriperie Suit, will provide greater protection from extreme heat, cold, and radiation.

“Pinstripenes suit is an incredible innovation that will enhance the safety and performance of our astronauts on the ISS,” said NASA administrator Robert Lightfoot.

The new suit is made of a lightweight, polyester-coated fabric that allows astronauts to withstand extreme temperatures, but has a soft touch and can withstand temperatures of up to minus-60 degrees Celsius.

Unlike the existing Pinstripes, which NASA said were designed for astronauts to wear during a mission, the new Pinstris suit is designed to be worn by the astronauts during a short space mission, but also during a longer trip to other destinations.

One of the main benefits of the new suit will be that astronauts won’t have to wear it during the spaceflight.

In addition to the space suit, the NASA statement said the Pampriperies will have two layers: the first, which is a fabric layer, can be removed during spaceflight, and the second, a soft layer that can be easily removed during long missions.

The Pinstriptripe Suit, as it is called, is designed with space-traveling astronauts in mind.

A separate NASA space suit called the Space Suit, which was created specifically for the International Lunar and Planetary Expeditions, was developed by NASA’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

The Pinstrizis are similar to the Space-Suit, but have two separate layers, with a soft fabric layer added for spaceflight and a soft, thermal layer for extended stays in orbit.

ARPA said the two suits are made of “a lightweight, thermal-reflective polyester fabric.”

Pinstriped suits are currently used by the US military, but NASA said Monday they were designed specifically for space travel and were specifically designed for long-duration spaceflight missions.

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