How to get the perfect black bikini, suit, and shoes from US designer Meghan Markle

As part of her ongoing “Make America Great Again” tour, US fashion icon Meghan and her husband, actor Chris Pratt, visited New York City to meet the people behind the brand’s iconic “Make Me Great Again”-themed costumes.

The New York Times reports the two had an amazing time, with Meghan exclaiming how the experience was “the best ever”.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, the pair said the costumes were a “perfect fit for the season”.

“I think it’s the perfect blend of Americana and the modern,” Meghan told The Independent.

“The suits are designed to be more casual and not look too much like a suit,” Meaghan said.

“But you can still see that we’ve been making these suits for over 30 years.”

The pair also revealed that they were “a bit of a perfectionist” with their choice of black suits.

“We wanted to get a lot of attention,” Meghann told The Times.

“And we wanted to have something that was just a little bit more contemporary and just a bit more iconic,” Chris Pratt added.

“It’s a little more fun than a traditional suit and the colors really complement the season,” Meagan added.

The pair have also revealed a new set of ‘Make Me Beautiful’ accessories.

“Meghan is a great fan of everything she does,” Chris told The Guardian.

“She’s a real beauty queen and has a very strong sense of style and that’s one of the reasons we did our Make Me Beautiful campaign,” he said.

The duo have also been making their own clothes.

“I’m a huge fan of [fashion designer] Karl Lagerfeld,” Megan told The New Yorker.

“He’s so good at creating clothes that are super versatile and look good on people of any size,” Chris said.

Meghan has previously described her love of fashion as a “vibrant part of who I am”.

She also recently told Entertainment Weekly she is “totally into fashion” and has been in touch with fashion designer Anna Wintour.

Meagan has been a major part of the “Make Trump Great Again”.

In February 2017, she visited the White House and met with the president.

She said the meeting was “like the first time we have been on the same page”, and that she wanted to “build a strong relationship” with him.

Megan is also an advocate of “Make Black America Great again”.

We’re supposed to have an amazing life, and that we’re supposed be happy with what we have.” “

In America, we’re not supposed to be the world’s number one fashion empire.

We’re supposed to have an amazing life, and that we’re supposed be happy with what we have.”

Meghan also has a fashion show coming up on January 15, which will see her perform a new song and dance routine.

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