Suit, suit set for big win in the men’s market

A high-end men’s suit set to hit the streets of New Delhi will be the first of its kind in the city, in a bid to raise funds for a women’s fund.

The suit is part of a new wave of fashion-focused suits launched by the brand, which was launched last year to target a young crowd in a way that suits men and women in the same outfit. 

The suit has a tailored fit, with a hooded, pleated waist and a collar.

It is made from 100% cotton and features a padded waistband, a padded front and a zipper.

It also features a back panel and shoulder straps.

The designer, Prakash Dutta, told The Times he wanted to target men in the Delhi market and was inspired by a new suit he wore to the US presidential election.

“There was no one wearing a suit like that.

This is the first suit from our new brand that suits both men and woman in the exact same way.

We wanted to bring out the perfect suit for women.

It’s a very masculine look.

It has a bit of a retro look to it.

I wanted a suit that is very masculine, a suit with a lot of personality.

I think women will be really pleased with it,” he said.

The new suit is a part of the brand’s “New Look” campaign, in which designers work to design suits for a specific customer demographic. 

“We’re trying to take inspiration from our customers, their needs and what they want,” Dutt said.

“The suits are made with a unique style and we wanted to create a suit for everyone.”

The brand has raised over $6 million on Indiegogo, which will help it pay for the suit.

 “It is the highest funding we have ever received.

This will help us launch the suit into the Indian market and further develop our brand,” said Dutts partner, Amit Shah, a marketing and brand strategist.

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