What if there was a way to build a world class hotel with an empty room?

Posted October 01, 2018 12:37:16It’s a bit of a tall order to build an entire hotel without actually being in it, but a pair of architects have figured out how.

A team of architects and engineers has built a hotel using empty space from the floor of a train station in Seoul, South Korea.

The idea is to take the old railway station and build a hotel on the floor, where the rooms would sit.

It’s an elegant solution to a problem that many developers have tried to solve in the past: the design of large hotels can be incredibly complicated, and building them with empty spaces in them can leave a lot to be desired.

But a team of Seoul-based architects, engineers and architects, headed by the architecture professor and graduate student of the same name, have come up with a clever solution.

Using a combination of concrete and steel structures, they’re able to construct a building with just a few spaces left over.

It all starts with the flooring.

In Seoul, the train station’s ceiling is a flat slab of concrete, while the building is a series of steel structures called tessellated steel.

These structure are built in layers of concrete.

They’re built to resist vibrations caused by the building’s floor and ceiling.

The architects took a look at the design principles of the tesellated steel structures and came up with what they call the ‘Sonic Tunnel’ concept, which essentially looks at how the structure can absorb vibrations and be more stable than traditional teselined structures.

The building’s structure, however, has a very limited number of floor spaces.

The designers have tried using a combination on each floor of the building, using the floor spaces as ‘segments’, each of which is designed to hold a separate space, or segment, of a larger structure.

The floor segments have a limited amount of room to move around and are not supposed to touch, but the concept has been a popular solution for architects in the future.

The team took this idea and applied it to the hotel’s concrete floors.

They’ve taken the old flooring and stacked it with tesells, and the result is a concrete structure that’s much more flexible, stable and resistant to vibration than teseled flooring in general.

The floor segments, which the architects have named Sonic Tunnel, hold separate spaces for each segment, so they can move freely and leave space for other parts of the structure.

The Sonic Tunnel structure is actually a series for the hotel, with each floor having a separate segment that sits in the centre of the entire structure.

This structure, called the Sonic Tunnel Center, is used to hold the entire building’s foundation.

Once the floor is completely filled with concrete, the designers add steel brackets around the floor segments to hold them together.

When the hotel is built, the floor will only have a few inches between them, but this will allow the construction team to add additional spaces that will be able to hold more guests.

In the design process, the Sonic Tunnels are actually built in sections, so the construction process takes only a few days.

Once completed, they can then be reused to build the next hotel.

The hotel, which was actually built with the Sonic Tnels in mind, can be used for short stays, or extended stays.

The hotel itself will have its own entrance and exit, and will be built on the existing rail track.

It can also have a roof over its entire width, which could be useful for use during heavy rainfall.

The design team hopes to be able in the next five to ten years to be building other hotels with this approach.

The Sonic Tunnel concept has a few other advantages, such as being environmentally friendly, because the structures are built on a site that is suitable for agricultural use.

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