‘No one wants me’: Melania Trump to appear on NBC’s Today show

When Melania Trump appeared on Today in November, she was being hailed for her hard-working work ethic and style.

But a look back at her time in the spotlight shows that her style was a product of her family’s wealthy backgrounds and that she had little patience for the media and public, her critics said.

She was a first-generation model and a former model, not a public figure.

And she didn’t hold back when it came to her criticism of President Donald Trump, even as he held a grudge against her for the way she had portrayed him. 

She called him a “piece of shit,” “puppet,” “sugar baby” and “fat cat” in a New York Times op-ed published on January 6, 2019.

Trump has denied using the word “punch,” which is the derogatory term for an obese person.

She also defended her comments in the Times article, calling them an act of bravery.

“I’m a strong person and I don’t take criticism lightly.

And I don of course apologize,” she said.

“I have been known to say things that were so nasty, so mean, that the media would have been able to write a story about it.” 

Trump has since apologized in a lengthy and detailed statement, saying that she is “disappointed” in her remarks.

She said she did not mean to imply that a person of her stature had a secret plan to destroy the nation’s reputation and destroy the United States.

“My comments were not intended to suggest that I have any hidden agenda to destroy or discredit the President,” she wrote in the statement.

“That would be extremely inappropriate.”

In an interview with the Daily Beast in February, Trump said that she never meant to offend her husband. 

“I would never say that, but I would say that it was meant in a very clear way,” she told the newspaper.

“If you look at it, that was not what I meant.”

But Trump’s supporters, who have been quick to point out that she did use the word punch, say she was trying to make a point about how Trump’s family was wealthy and the media is unfair. 

While the comments from the former first lady have caused controversy in the past, there has been little media scrutiny of Melania Trump since she was named the 2016 Democratic nominee for president.

She has never faced serious questions about her past, her style or her health, as the public was never allowed to see photos of her.

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