Why Zegna and blue suits are back

Zegnas and blue shirts have been the rage in hockey since the early 2000s, but in the last few seasons the suits have come under fire from fans and players alike. 

The suits are supposed to look more professional, but the suit is often made of soft material, like nylon, which can cause the neck to get caught on the wrist or elbow. 

A lawsuit has been filed by two players who claim they were severely injured by a Zegnian-blue shirt during the 2013-14 season in the NHL. 

In addition, several NHL teams have sued Zegnanes players over the suits, and there have been a few more suits filed since. 

The suits have been thrown back in the court of public opinion as well. 

Last year, the New York Daily News reported that former New York Islanders defenseman Jaroslav Halak was wearing a Zebra suit in a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins when he got a hit. 

Halak suffered a broken collarbone and was suspended for the rest of the season. 

After a lawsuit was filed against the NHL by Halak’s agent, the league said it did not know the suit was worn by Halaks agent, but Halak did wear the suit in the game. 

Another suit was filed in July by former Winnipeg Jets defenseman Patrick Roy. 

Roy claims he suffered an MCL sprain in the Zebra suits, which were purchased by Roy from a Zydeco store in London, England. 

Despite the suits being a part of hockey’s history, the suits are getting a lot of heat from fans who feel that they are making a mockery of the game, especially after the NHL instituted a $1 million fine for players who violate the league’s rules against wearing the suits. 

One player who doesn’t wear a suit on the ice is forward Alex Ovechkin. 

Ovechka has made a habit of wearing his Zegnik suits to games, and they have been part of his wardrobe for the past four seasons. 

On Sunday, Ovechyks mother posted a picture on Instagram of her son wearing the Zegnias. 

“Happy #BoltsDay for our boys @jordykingszegnas @alexoovechka,” she captioned the picture. 

Fans responded to Ovechukka’s post with memes, and some even posted their own pictures of Ovechiks kids with Zegnai suits.

Ovechukkas wife, actress-turned-actor Kristina Lax, was also wearing the suit at the game against Chicago on Saturday night. 

But the suit has come under the microscope recently for a number of reasons, including the fact that it was designed to be lightweight and can easily be damaged if it’s dropped in the ice. 

As the suits got more popular, some players have worn the Zekns in the past, and those players have had their names attached to the suits because of their association with them. 

However, it has also been noticed that many NHL teams don’t like to wear the suits when playing in the United States, and players have been trying to get teams to stop using them.

According to the Chicago Tribune, one team, the Los Angeles Kings, has said they are “not interested” in wearing Zegnos.

The suit is not just a Zednik suit, however, and it has even gained the nickname “The Mask.” 

The suit was designed by a company called Zegnu, who were based in Russia.

The company made a website for the suits that featured a photo of the players wearing the masks. 

During the 2012-13 season, the suit cost $2,000, according to the Los Gatos Sentinel. 

Players have also taken to wearing the mask at games to protect themselves from the fans, and the mask has become one of the most recognizable images in hockey. 

It has also become one that fans have taken to social media, where fans have mocked the suits by posting images of players wearing it. 

@zegnanszeganas #lats #louisastations #jordieszegnametags A photo posted by Alyssa Nogueira (@nogirlszegana) on Aug 14, 2015 at 11:11am PDT

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