What to do if you’re feeling jet lag

Airlines, hotels and even a few local businesses are scrambling to help travelers relax, including offering a few options to make it feel like home.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your vacation: • Check out the latest airline flight deals at www.airlines.com/fares.

The deal for this trip is only $10 a person, and the hotel will get you a room at the Holiday Inn in Denver.

• You can rent a suite in the resort’s food court at The Grand Hotel Denver, a hotel chain with a great selection of food, including steak, ribs, chicken and lobster.

The hotel has been offering suite meals for about three weeks, but there are no reservations available.

• Make sure you grab a flight and a taxi to your destination, as you may have to take a detour in your vacation.

• If you’re visiting Denver, book a hotel room online or visit www.hotels.com and use the hotel search function to search for a specific room.

Some hotels have special deals.

• Don’t forget to make reservations in advance.

The first available seats are often reserved for the best guests, and you can expect to pay an extra $100 for an extra room.

• Many travelers have booked hotel rooms in Denver to help ease the stress of jet lag.

The Holiday Inn is offering a suite for $150 a night for three nights, or $220 a night with a two-night minimum stay.

The Grand is offering room rates for $175 a night, or room rates that include two nights.

The Hotel Colorado in Denver has been a great choice for those who have been hit hard by jet lag, with an offer for two suites for $125 a night.

The Hyatt Regency Denver, which is located in downtown Denver, is offering two suites at $180 a night and a one-night stay for $195 a night at the Sheraton Denver.

The Four Seasons Resort in Denver offers a suite and four rooms for $200 a night in two-bedrooms and four-beds for $300 a night; the Four Seasons Downtown Denver is offering suite rates for four rooms at $300 for two nights, with four-night stays for $350.

• Hotel rooms and suites have become a popular source of relaxation, with many hotels offering the ability to book suites in their lounges or on their website.

Many hotel rooms offer free WiFi.

You can also check hotel website reviews to see if a hotel offers a free Wi-Fi.

If not, you can call ahead and check the Wi-fi at the room or the hotel.

• Be aware of when you should and shouldn’t go to bed.

Many people who work or attend school in the area stay up late, especially on weekends.

If you plan on staying in a hotel that offers a bed and breakfast in a particular location or at the hotel, make sure you book the right room.

This can help ensure that you have plenty of time to relax before you head to bed and when you get to bed, so that you can get some rest.

• When you arrive at your hotel, take the elevator to the next floor and take the escalator down to the lobby, where you can check-in with your hotel staff.

The lobby is generally empty, so make sure to get into your room in time.

• Take a moment to get your bearings.

When you get into the lobby to check-ins, you will see the hotel’s lobby sign, which shows you your room number and room number to call to confirm that you are in the right hotel.

When arriving at your room, make eye contact with the host to let them know you’re arriving, and if they ask for your name, put your name on the door, as they will call you by name.

If your room is empty, make a note of this number and the name on your door.

If they call again, they will ask you to give your room code.

You will need to give this code to your room manager to get access to your suite, but if you are staying in the hotel that provides the suite, you should be able to follow this process.

You might want to try to keep this number with you to remind you of what room you are assigned.

You don’t want to miss an opportunity to have your suite checked-in when you arrive to check in.

• There are other ways to get some relief if you have a jet lag-induced problem.

You may want to consider getting a massage at a spa.

While there are many massage options, you may want a particular one.

There are massage shops in major cities, such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas.

You should also consider getting some help at home, including a personal trainer or yoga instructor.

For more information on how jet lag affects the immune system, see the Mayo Clinic’s website.

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