When it comes to wearing a suit to work, girls in suits are ahead

A survey of 500 workers in the UK has revealed that the majority of them would prefer wearing a dress shirt over a skirt.

The study, conducted by the London School of Economics, found that around 85 per cent of women said that dressing up would be a ‘good way to go’.

The research found that a dress-up shirt was a ‘much better choice’ than a skirt and a skirt was a good choice for women in the ‘old school’ who were ‘not as active’ as they are today.

In addition, 75 per cent said that skirts were ‘better than dress shirts’.

The survey also found that over 70 per cent felt that a skirt would make them feel ‘uncomfortable’ and that a shirt would be ‘better for men than a dress’.

The researchers also found a strong correlation between the type of clothing worn and how much the worker felt they had been treated at work.

‘The most common reason given was the perception that a woman in a skirt is more confident and less ’emotional’ than someone in a dress, but a strong minority of respondents also said that wearing a skirt makes them feel more like a ‘woman in a suit’ than they would feel if wearing a shirt,’ the survey said.

In contrast, just 7 per cent thought that a ‘dress shirt’ would be better than a ‘skirt’ for a woman who is ‘not very active’.

‘We think that wearing an overcoat or a skirt may be more appropriate in certain situations,’ the researchers said.

The survey of workers was conducted by researchers from the London Business School.

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