When the new space suit from Aerie gets wet: What to know

A new, super-dry space suit is finally here, and it’s all thanks to a pair of space suit designers.

The Aerie Air Jacket is the most recent addition to the Spacewear series of super-drying space suits that are already on sale.

It’s called the Aerie Hot Suit, and if you’ve ever been in a hot bath, you know that hot water can really add to your mood.

Now, the company is bringing the same high-tech technology to the water, and this time, they’re not just putting on a pair, but actually wearing it.

“The Hot Suit is designed to mimic a hot environment by making you feel cool in a way that you would never feel cool otherwise,” the company wrote on its website.

“It is made from the same material and constructed with the same technology as the Aeries Hot Suit.”

The Hot Suit will also come in three different sizes, and the company hopes that customers will be able to choose from the different fabrics and materials, as well as how they want to wear it.

You can see how it will work in the video above.

A single size can be worn as a jacket, a shirt, or a skirt.

The hot suit will also be available in three other colors: white, red, and black.

It also comes in a black version for the hot bath.

“When you’re in a cold bath, your body temperature increases, and when you’re out of the hot water, you cool down,” a company representative told Polygon.

“We want people to be able experience the cool sensation and feel that warmth when they go out.”

This space suit comes in three sizes, but you can find them in three colors, and you can choose from three different fabrics.

Aerie will be launching the new hot suit on June 15th for $2,199 USD.

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