How to suit up like a man from the ’90s

The man with the slim fit suit is no longer a novelty.

He’s a reality.

With a slim fit that fits into a suit’s waist, the Slim Fit suit, as it is referred to in fashion, is a staple of men’s suits, and now it’s made available in many styles.

Men who wear Slim Fit suits can look their best when they wear the suit as it’s traditionally worn, with a narrow waist and a relaxed fit.

If you’re in a casual suit, the suit may look like a suit jacket, but the Slim Suit is the perfect fit to suit a suit.

“I was in a small business suit and it was really comfortable,” said Jeff Smith, founder of The Slim Suit Company.

“It’s a slim suit that fits in well with a suit.”

Smith said the slim suit has become a staple for his business.

He said it was one of the first suits he designed.

It was the first suit I designed that had a slim waist and relaxed fit.

“Smith says he wanted to make a suit that was casual but fit into a business suit.

The Slim Suit also became the first to be designed for men, and has become so popular it is now available for sale in many more brands.””

I thought it would be fun to do a slim, sleek suit with a modern feel, and it really did,” he said.

The Slim Suit also became the first to be designed for men, and has become so popular it is now available for sale in many more brands.

“It’s great to see that we can do something that was designed to be a business model for men,” Smith said.

But the Slim suit is still an exclusive for men.

It has only been available for men for a couple of years, but is now a popular and sought after accessory.

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