Which of the following suits suit you?

A suit that suits all types of people and suits your lifestyle, says a new survey from research firm Mercer.

Mercer surveyed 1,400 U.S. workers to get a sense of how they would respond to suits, and the results are fascinating.

Here are the findings.


A suit is best suited to suit every occasion.

Mercer found that about one-third of employees would like to wear suits at work.

For most workers, it’s best to wear a suit when you’re not working, when you need a break, and when you are at home.


Suit design matters.

More than half of employees say suits are designed to be versatile and can adapt to a variety of situations.

But when the same employees are asked to compare a suit designed for work and a suit for home, nearly two-thirds of respondents would choose the former.

The survey also found that suitmakers were making a strong effort to make the suits look stylish and comfortable, but the results weren’t all positive.

About half of those surveyed said they were not comfortable with the suits being made in a different color.


Suit styles don’t matter much.

A third of respondents said suits should be light, and nearly one-quarter said they felt suits should look good with a suit and tie.

But many of the survey respondents also said suits needed to look stylish, as well.

Most respondents were comfortable with suits that were made with a blend of colors, so they would not have to worry about the colors being the same color all the time.


You’re more likely to choose suits if you’re a designer.

A quarter of respondents had an opinion about whether suits should have a specific designer on them, and about one in three said they would choose a suit that was designed by someone else.

More respondents would also prefer to have a suit made by someone who has expertise in a particular area.

That is, they would like a suit to look good, but they would prefer to make it by someone they know well.


Suit sizes matter.

Only about a third of survey respondents said that suit sizes mattered for them when choosing a suit.

A little over half said suits were too small and too large for them, while about one quarter said they wanted suits that fit well for them.

And just over a quarter said that a suit was too small for them or too large.

Suit designers also had a lot of fun making sure their suits were the right size, with nearly half saying they had a suit tailor make the size that was right for them for their particular circumstances.


A more traditional, more formal suit makes a better suit.

Respondents are divided about the best way to wear their suits.

About one-fifth of respondents prefer to wear suit jackets with matching shoes, while another quarter said suits need to be casual, while a quarter prefer to dress in a suit tailored for work.

There’s also a slight divide between men and women, with men favoring a more formal approach to suits and women favoring a formal approach.

Still, there are a lot more women in the survey than men.

About a quarter of men said suits they would wear to work would be better for them if they were made by a woman, while men were more likely than women to choose a traditional suit.


You should avoid suits that don’t fit well.

The study found that nearly one in four respondents would like their suits to fit well but not perfectly, while the same number said suits would be more comfortable if they did.

That’s partly because more people wear suits with a tie, and those ties are often more formal than traditional ones.

A slim majority of respondents also would like the suits to have some type of waistband that goes around the waist.

A few of the most popular choices for waistbands include a button or tie, which is a nice touch for those who wear a tie.


If you’re wearing a suit, you should consider other options.

The Mercer survey found that more than half (56 percent) of respondents have tried on suits and not found one that worked for them; about one third (34 percent) have tried a suit on, but not liked it, while one-half (50 percent) said they had tried a tie and had not liked the fit.

There were also a number of options for people who want to wear more formal suits, including a suit with a fitted bodice, which looks a lot like a dress.


Suit size isn’t always as important as you think.

People are also interested in suits that are large or small.

When asked about suits made for a particular size, about one half (51 percent) would prefer a suit of a larger size, while nearly one third of people would prefer suits made to be a smaller size.

The number of people who would prefer smaller suits was about the same for men and for women.

And about one fifth of survey participants would like suits made in smaller sizes, compared to about a fifth who would like larger suits

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