What the ‘breathtaking’ suit of armor from the future looks like.

The bioluminescent armor is the first of a range of futuristic suits made by a Japanese firm, and it’s one of the first things to come out of the company’s new manufacturing plant in Tokyo.

The company is currently working on another suit for the U.S. military, and said in a statement that it is “excited to continue to expand our product portfolio with this innovative and affordable range of suits.”

A photo posted by Bioscience Japan (@biologiquescience) on Mar 27, 2018 at 6:14pm PDTBiolumineant suits are designed to be as close to bulletproof as possible, but it’s not clear how far that’s possible, and they’re designed to protect from bullets and other blunt objects, including those embedded in steel and metal.

A photo of the suit of suit that was leaked by Japanese tech blog FumioTech showed that the helmet’s backside has an airtight seal, but a Japanese official told the Japanese news site Nikkei on Thursday that the mask has to be made of “a flexible material, such as polycarbonate, plastic or silicone.”

It’s unclear how much of the armor is made by the Japanese firm BioMedics, and the official did not give any further details.

The suits, which cost around $1,400 to make, come with the latest advances in artificial intelligence, like sensors that can sense heat, temperature, and pressure, and sensors that measure vibrations in the wearer’s skin.

“The suit’s ability to detect and respond to a variety of stimuli will help us provide a highly effective defense,” said Hiroko Sato, BioMedic’s head of corporate affairs.

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